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Social Share for Jomsocial

When it comes to social sharing for jomsocial websites, Social Share ranks "1" in fact, it's the most potent viral combination of social sharing engagement for your website.

A very light weight and clean code plugin that combines the power of Facebook Like and Send, Twitter Follow and Re-Tweet, Google + "plus", LinkedIn, Youtube, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Spotify, Buffer, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Instagram, MySpace, Reddit, without interfering with your page load times, it's so well coded that each button script code only loads in the website frontend if you activate it inside the plugin administration.

All these social networks are prime for any jomsocial website by boosting it's content but, you can always activate or deactivate them in the backend because Social Share for Jomsocial administrator is packed with display options. Specially designed for jomsocial, it integrates beautifully in jomsocial templates, specially the Sidebar Top or Bottom.

Social Share for Jomsocial will make your jomsocial website look professional and give it the supreme viral boost by allowing all your users and visitors to share your website.

Social Share for jomsocial is the Supreme social sharing plugin...

Jomsocial 3.x - 4.x

Supported Social Networks, Buttons:

  • Facebook Like
  • Facebook Send
    • Facebook Double Punch Action. Select likes or shares from:
      • Your Facebook Fan Page (likes, shares and send button count to total likes of your facebook fan page);
      • Your Individual Website Pages (likes, shares and send button count to each individual page of your website, same as in Twitter);
  • Twitter Follow
  • Twitter Re-Tweet
  • Google + plus
  • StumbleUpon Share
  • Pinterest "pin it" Share
  • View on Instagram
  • LinkedIn Share
  • Tumblr Share
  • Buffer Share
  • Youtube Subscribe
  • Soundcloud Profile Button
  • Reverbnation Profile Button
  • Spotify Profile Button
  • MySpace Share
  • Reddit Share

Plugin BackEnd and other Options:

  • social sharing supreme...

  • Core Application: Yes / No
  • Position: Main Content / Sidebar top / Sidebar Bottom
  • Caching: Use Global / No

  • Facebook Options:
  • Show Facebook Buttons: Yes / No
  • Facebook Fan Page Address: the facebook fan page or application address that you want to share
  • Like Setting: Your Facebook Fan Page / Your Individual Website Pages as in twitter)
  • Facebook Application ID Number: optional, if you have an application associated with your fan page
  • Send Button: Yes / No

  • Google Options:
  • Show Google Button: Yes / No
  • Icon Annotation; Bubble / None

  • Twitter Options:
  • Show Twitter Buttons: Yes / No
  • Twitter Username: your twitter username
  • Show Username: Yes / No
  • Show Followers: Yes / No
  • Show Tweets: Yes / No

  • StumbleUpon Options:
  • Show StumbleUpon Buttons: Yes / No
  • Show StumbleUpon Bubble: Yes / No

  • Pinterest Options:
  • Show Pinterest "pin it" Button: Yes / No

  • Instagram Options:
  • Show Instagram Button: Yes / No
  • Instagram Username: insert your instagram username

  • LinkedIn Options:
  • Show LinkedIn Button: Yes / No
  • Show LinkedIn Bubble: Yes / No

  • Tumblr Options:
  • Show Tumblr Share Button: Yes / No
  • Insert Tumblr Username

  • Buffer Options:
  • Show Buffer Button: Yes / No

  • Youtube Options:
  • Show Youtube Button: Yes / No

  • Soundcloud Options:
  • Show Soundcloud Button: Yes / No
  • Insert Soundcloud User Profile Link

  • Reverbnation Options:
  • Show Reverbnation Button: Yes / No
  • Insert Reverbnation User or Artist URI

  • Spotify Options:
  • Show Spotify Button: Yes / No
  • Insert Spotify User Profile Link

  • MySpace Options:
  • Show MySpace Button: Yes / No
  • Website name: your website name
  • Website Description: small website description (optional)
  • Website Domain: your joomla website domain, i.e.

  • Reddit Options:
  • Show Reddit Button: Yes / No

Jomsocial Options

  • Display Title: Override the default plugin name
  • Favicon: Override the default plugin image
  • Descriptions: Override the default plugin description
  • Count: Number of groups to display
  • Core Application: Yes / No
  • Position: Main Content / Sidebar Top Tabbed / Sidebar Top Stacked / Sidebar Bottom Tabbed / Sidebar Bottom Stacked
  • Hide if No Content: Hides application if there's no content to show
  • Caching: Use Global / No