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TechGasp Buy Points Framework for Jomsocial

TechGasp Buy Points Framework for Jomsocial is a full set of extensions that monetize your website selling jomsocial native points to your users making it fun and active.

What's TechGasp Buy Points Framework?

It's any Jomsocial Administrator Paradise!!! For the first time you have a set of tools to sell, display and manage your jomsocial native points. Developed by TechGasp specially and only for Jomsocial, you will be able to make money in a breeze selling your jomsocial points. Jomsocial Native Points "spice up" your website making it more active and fun for users... hey, it's about time we sell some points.

No need for a component to sell and another component to manage non jomsocial points, that just results in one huge mess, slow website, duplicated database tables for points and users, errors and conflicts, something always broken, hard to upgrade one thing without breaking the rest, etc. With TechGasp Buy Points Framework everything is jomsocial native and integrated. Displaying, selling, adding rules, assigning points, was never this easy and fast. No extra components are needed.

Buy Points Framework Features

Extensions are divided in 3 main areas. Buy Points, Display Points and Rules for Points. You have full control over what extensions you need.

Buy Points Plugin
Buy Points Plugin

Buy Points Extension

Buy Points for Jomsocial is the "crème de la crème" light as a feather plugin that allows you to sell jomsocial native points. Very easy to use and display inside user profiles so that they can buy "juicy" points with Paypal. Any Administrator can see the user transactions just by visiting the user profile... how awesome is that!

Combined with TechGasp Community Chameleon Module, each user can buy points from any Joomla or Jomsocial Page. The module also allows administrators to quickly and easily check the latest 10 user transactions from within any Joomla or Jomsocial page.

Buy Points for Jomsocial

UserPoints Plugin
UserPoints Plugin

Display Points Extensions

These extensions are designed to display jomsocial points to users. They need to know how many points they have! Besides displaying points, each extension comes with a different set of advanced display features taht you can customize. Go ahead and take a look at them.

UserPoints Plugin

HelloMyPoints Module

NotifyPoints Module

Manage Rules
Manage Rules

Rules for Points

These extensions basically install rules for the points to the jomsocial backend -> Configuration -> User Points. These rules allow you to add or subtract points when a user performs an action. All TechGasp User Profile Plugins include rules example, with linkedin for jomsocial plugin and it's rule, you can add or subtract points if a user sets and displays his linkedin personal or company profile. 3rd party components, modules or plugins that use the jomsocial framework and install rules will also work and you will be able to sell points for them. Besides all TechGasp User Profile Plugins rules, there is also a special plugin that installs extra rules example Happy Birthday, Thanks to the forum, etc., new rules are constantly being added to this plugin.

Rules for Jomsocial

Buy Points Extensions

Visit the Buy Points Extensions. Top Menu -> Jomsocial Demos -> Points Framework

Visit Points Framework Extensions

Chameleon Framework for Jomsocial

Visit the TechGasp Chameleon Framework

Visit Chameleon Framework

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