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Skype Master for Jomsocial

OMG!!! it's joomla skype master ported to jomsocial. Now that Microsft bought Skype and phased out windows live messenger, skype became the world n.1 chatting, messaging application. After the huge success of skype master for joomla we decided to launch the supreme skype tool for your jomsocial website.

Skype Master for Jomsocial allows your jomsocial users to display 6 optional cool action buttons (all skype functions, Call Me, Add Me, Chat with Me, View My Profile, Leave Me Voicemail, Send Me a File and the new Skype Share viral button). Yes, that's right, all buttons are optional and it's up to the jomsocial administrator to decided which buttons to show on the website frontend.

These buttons come packed with the 2 familiar skype colors (green and blue) to match your template and, with vertical or horizontal button alignment, they will integrate perfectly in Main Content or Sidebar Top / Bottom. But enough talk, read more below, check the demo.

Skype Master for Jomsocial uses TechGasp Chameleon Framework for Jomsocial. It can be used as User Profile Plugin, Activity Stream Plugin and Jomsocial Module. Awesome 3 in 1!!!

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TechGasp Chameleon Framework

Skype Supreme for jomsocial, packed with style...

Jomsocial 3.x - 4.x

Chameleon Framework Options

User Profile Plugin

  • All 6 skype action buttons inside each jomsocial user profile
  • All buttons are optional, it's up to you to decide what to show
  • Transparent background buttons to blend into your template
  • Buttons packed with 4 distinct awesome designs to match your template (Microsoft, TechGasp Radioactive, Skype Original Green and Skype Original Blue)
  • All buttons packed with 3 languages, English, French and Portuguese. Add your own language, get in touch via support ticket.
  • Vertical or horizontal buttons alignment, will look great in Main Content or Sidebar positions
  • User Online Status feature has been removed since it's not longer provided by Microsoft.
  • All Skype Actions Included:
  • Call Me
  • Add Me
  • Chat With Me
  • View My profile
  • Leave Me VoiceMail
  • Send Me a File
  • Plus the new Skype Share Button:
  • Skype Share Button
  • The perfect button to share content from your site, straight into a Skype chat. It is easy to integrate and supports both desktop and mobile sites
  • Skype goes Viral with share button

Activity Stream Plugin

  • Option to Activate User Activity Stream Plugin
  • Streams in User Wall and Jomsocial Frontpage Wall
  • Activity is fully integrated with Jomsocial
  • Administrator can Manage Streams Components -> Jomsocial -> Monitor -> Activities
  • Streams automatically upon user setting his skype username
  • Stream contains User Avatar, Date and Time, Like, Comment, Share and the Cool Skype Status, Call Me and Chat with Me Buttons

Jomsocial Module

  • Option to Activate Jomsocial Module
  • Publish the module in any of Jomsocial template positions. Frontpage, Groups, Events, etc.
  • More than 12 jomsocial template positions available
  • Module display fits right in with template boxy look
  • Module can Automatically Display:
  • Administrator Settings
  • Last User Skype Stream
  • Random User Skype Stream

Jomsocial Options

  • Display Title: Override the default plugin name
  • Favicon: Override the default plugin image
  • Descriptions: Override the default plugin description
  • Count: Number of groups to display
  • Core Application: Yes / No
  • Position: Main Content / Sidebar Top Tabbed / Sidebar Top Stacked / Sidebar Bottom Tabbed / Sidebar Bottom Stacked
  • Hide if No Content: Hides application if there's no content to show
  • Caching: Use Global / No