Community TechGasp Chameleon Module - Displaying Jomsocial Youtube Plugin

Community TechGasp Chameleon Module - Displaying Jomsocial Vimeo Plugin

TechGasp Chameleon Framework for Jomsocial

TechGasp Chameleon Framework for Jomsocial is here!. Watch morph like a chameleon inside your jomsocial community.

What's TechGasp Chameleon Framework?

It's a brand new framework developed by TechGasp for jomsocial that replaces the famous and sturdy TechGasp Fontend User Override for jomsocial User Profiles.

TechGasp Chameleon Framework for jomsocial is the compilation of years of experience, improvements and user requests into an Awesome!!! new framework that includes User Profile Plugin, Activity Stream Plugin and Jomsocial Module into 1 extension.

Awesome Features

Extensions with TechGasp Chameleon Framework can morph into User Profile Plugins, Activity Stream Plugins or Jomsocial Modules. You have full control over what to display.

Profile Plugin
Profile Plugin

The User Profile Plugin

The User Profile plugin, also known as community plugin or application, is the most widely used type of plugin in jomsocial. It displays inside the user profile and gives the user options to set personal data into the plugins, example, display his/her instagram photos, pinterest board, linkedin profile, soundcloud playlist, youtube video, etc.

Activity Plugin
Activity Plugin

The Activity Plugin

The Activity Plugin picks up the User Profile Plugin interactions and beautifully streams the user choices or changes into the jomsocial activity walls (user wall and main frontpage wall). Example, if a user inserts a vine video in his/her profile, the activity plugin will stream the user vine video into the user wall and jomsocial wall so that other users see it, like it, share it and comment on it. The Activity Plugin boosts your jomsocial user interactivity making your website more fun and active. Awesome!

Community Module
Community Module

The Jomsocial Module

Jomsocial Modules are like Joomla Modules but were specially coded and designed to integrate into jomsocial templates granting greater flexibility in customizing the look and feel of jomsocial to your own liking.

How does it work?

Quick Instructions

Let's see how it works with a real example plus screenshots and instructions.


Start by downloading your TechGasp plugin zip file available in top menu Download. The TechGasp Community Module can be found and downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Proceed to install both zip files on your Joomla Extension Manager Page. That's it, it's just a normal joomla installation.

Upgrades & Updates

Versions older than 3.2.x of TechGasp plugins, uninstall the plugin before proceeding to install / upgrade the plugin.

Versions 3.2.x and up of the TechGasp plugins, no need to uninstall, just proceed to install / upgrade the plugin.

User Profile Plugin

Navigate to your Joomla Extensions -> Plugin Manager and search, open the desired plugin.

The are the usual jomsocial native options for the user plugins or applications. We will quickly go through these options. If you need more info you may refer to jomsocial website / documentation.

Core Application: Yes / No
Yes, Application is automatically displayed on every user profile. No, Each User must add the application to his/her profile

Position: Sidebar Top / Sidebar Bottom / Main Content
These are the 3 native template positions to display User plugins. Go ahead and try them.

Caching: Use Global / No
Use the global joomla setting for caching or deactivate caching. Default is Use Global.

You will find here the user profile plugin or application specific options. Besides 2 settings that are common to all plugins Activate User Plugin and Frontend User Override, each plugin contains different options according to it's purpose, example if it's a linkedin or facebook plugin, etc.

Activate User Plugin: Yes / No
Yes, activates the User Profile plugin and displays it inside the user profile. No, deactivates and hides the User Profile plugin, it will not display or render.

Frontend User Override: Yes / No
Yes, allows users to display their individual user settings. No, renders the plugin inside each user profile with your administrator settings useful for example if you want to monetize your website with Google Ads for Jomsocial, displaying your ads and not allowing users to change it... same applies to other plugins like Facebook Wonder for Jomsocial if you want to gather likes to your fan page not allowing users to set their own fan pages.

Activity Plugin

Navigate to your Joomla Extensions -> Plugin Manager and search, open the desired plugin.

Very straight forward with just 1 easy option, Activate User Profile Streaming. The user activity streaming is done in both the user wall and the jomsocial main frontend wall allowing others user to see it, like it, comment on it, share it, etc. It greatly improves the website interactivity and user participation. Makes everything Awesome!!!

Activate Stream: Yes / No
Yes, Each time a user makes a change in it's profile (specific plugin or application), it beautifully streams the change into jomsocial activities. Example, adds a vine or youtube video, inserts a spotify album, etc. No, changes will not be streamed into jomsocial activity.

All activities can be managed by the administrator in the website frontend -> cog wheel icon.

A full overview and management of all current and past activities is available inside Components -> Jomsocial -> Monitor -> Activities.

Jomsocial Community Module

Navigate to your Joomla Extensions -> Plugin Manager and search, open the desired plugin.

Inside the plugin you will also find the Jomsocial Module options. These plugin settings are passed to the Community - TechGasp Chameleon Module that we will cover next.

Activate Module: Yes / No
Yes, the plugin will start to stream administrator settings data or user settings data to the module.No, no data will be passed to the community techgasp module.

Module Display Type: Administrator Settings / User Last Stream / User Random Stream
Administrator Settings uses your backend plugin settings to render a static non-changing module.
User Last Stream uses the last reported user stream to render the module, semi-dynamic module.
User Random Stream uses a random past user stream, very dynamic module.

Display Module Footer: Yes / No
Yes, the plugin will also render a footer for the module.No, no footer will be rendered or displayed in the module.

Navigate to your Joomla Extensions -> Module Manager and search, open Community - Techgasp Chameleon Module.

The Community - TechGasp Chameleon Module receives the data sent by the plugin and gorgeously displays it inside any jomsocial template module position. It depends on the above plugin options to work, example if plugin setting Activate Module is set to No, the module will not render any data. If are not planning on using jomsocial modules, you do not need to install the Community - TechGasp Chameleon Module, just make sure the plugin setting Activate Module is set to No. Otherwise Yes, let's continue...

If you are the lucky owner of several TechGasp plugins for jomsocial, you can Activate Module in all plugins and have several Community - TechGasp Chameleon modules published to receive data from each plugin... Cool!!!

Module Class Suffix:
Default is app-box, to make the module look like the rest of the jomsocial native template boxes. If you have a different 3rd party jomsocial template, you can change this value to your recommended template value. If by mistake your mess this value, no problem!... delete all text and save the module, next time you re-open it will display the correct app-box value.

Select Plugin Conversion to Module:
Select your desired TechGasp plugin from the drop-down box.

If you have a 3rd party jomsocial template, please refer to your template documentation regarding available positions.

Let's take a look at the native jomsocial template positions.

js_side_frontpage - Default module position since JomSocial 3.0 for all of the frontpage modules.
js_side_top - Before any JomSocial content on the side column of Frontpage, Profile and Groups Pages.
js_side_bottom - After any JomSocial content on the side column of Frontpage, Profile and Groups Pages.
js_profile_top - Between the Toolbar and the Profile Page.
js_profile_bottom - After the Profile Page.
js_profile_side_top - Before any JomSocial content on the side column of Profile Page and after js_side_top.
js_profile_side_bottom - After any content on the side column of the Profile Page and before js_side_bottom.
js_profile_feed_top - Before the Activity Stream section of the Profile Page.
js_profile_feed_bottom - After the Activity Stream section of the Profile Page.
js_groups_side_top - Before any JomSocial content on the side column of the Groups Page and after js_side_top.
js_groups_side_bottom - After any content on the side column of the Groups Page and before js_side_bottom.
js_events_side_top - Shown on the top of every event page.

Jomsocial Demo Page

Jomsocial Demo

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