Community TechGasp Chameleon Module - Displaying Jomsocial Youtube Plugin

Community TechGasp Chameleon Module - Displaying Jomsocial Vimeo Plugin

Vimeo for Jomsocial

If you want to provide high quality video for your Jomsocial users, Vimeo for Jomsocial is the perfect extension for you. Very different from the native jomsocial video wall.

Vimeo for Jomsocial allows your users to show any vimeo video in any jomsocial template position (Main Content, Sidebar Top and Bottom). Once again we make no use of javascipt or ajax, totally coded in html5 for no conflicts and fast page load times.

This extension is fully packed with options for a great user profile wall display. Auto-play, loop, display color to match your template, width and height to fit any position and TechGasp Mobile Responsiveness.

The perfect solution for professional video presentations, design, arts, etc.

Vimeo for Jomsocial uses TechGasp Chameleon Framework for Jomsocial. It can be used as User Profile Plugin, Activity Stream Plugin and Jomsocial Module. Awesome 3 in 1!!!

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TechGasp Chameleon Framework

High quality video for your Jomsocial users...

Jomsocial 3.x - 4.x

Chameleon Framework Options

User Profile Plugin

  • High Quality HD videos for all your jomsocial users...
  • No Javascript or ajax. Built in html5 for no conflicts and fast page load times
  • Fully Mobile Device Responsive, test it with your phone or pad
  • Option to Auto-Play Video
  • Option to Loop Video
  • Option to change the default Vimeo blue color to best match your template design
  • Option to display your Vimeo Profile Button
  • Easy to use, comes with label instructions for users

Activity Stream Plugin

  • Option to Activate User Activity Stream Plugin
  • Streams in User Wall and Jomsocial Frontpage Wall
  • Activity is fully integrated with Jomsocial
  • Administrator can Manage Streams Components -> Jomsocial -> Monitor -> Activities
  • Streams automatically upon user setting a Vimeo Video, Vimeo Album, etc.
  • Stream contains User Avatar, Date and Time, Like, Comment, Share and the Cool User Video or Video Album

Jomsocial Module

  • Option to Activate Jomsocial Module
  • Publish the module in any of Jomsocial template positions. Frontpage, Groups, Events, etc.
  • More than 12 jomsocial template positions available
  • Module display fits right in with template boxy look
  • Module can Automatically Display:
  • Administrator Settings
  • Last User Video Stream
  • Random User Video Stream

Jomsocial Options

  • Display Title: Override the default plugin name
  • Favicon: Override the default plugin image
  • Descriptions: Override the default plugin description
  • Count: Number of groups to display
  • Core Application: Yes / No
  • Position: Main Content / Sidebar Top Tabbed / Sidebar Top Stacked / Sidebar Bottom Tabbed / Sidebar Bottom Stacked
  • Hide if No Content: Hides application if there's no content to show
  • Caching: Use Global / No