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Pinterest for Jomsocial

Do you pin it? Pinterest is a new and explosive social network that lets you organize and share all the good stuff you find on the Internet. Pinterest for Jomsocial allows your jomsocial based website to be pinned and shared across the web.

This great way of sharing your website and snatching new visitors and users was specially designed for jomsocial and integrates perfectly inside the templates, positions Main Content, Sidebar Top and Bottom. We packed it with the Pinterest Pin-it, Pinterest Follow and Pin-it Hover Jomsocial Photos Button. Your users can also show-off their Pinterest Profiles, Boards or Top Pins inside their jomsocial profiles.

Pinterest for Jomsocial uses TechGasp Chameleon Framework for Jomsocial. It can be used as User Profile Plugin, Activity Stream Plugin and Jomsocial Module. Awesome 3 in 1!!!

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TechGasp Chameleon Framework

pin it for jomsocial...

Jomsocial 3.x - 4.x

Chameleon Framework Options

User Profile Plugin

  • Fontend user override. if Yes, users can show their pinterest profiles or boards inside their profiles. If No, backend administrator settings apply to all users.
  • Profile Display, Board Display or Top Pin Display
  • Display Pinterest User Profile
    • Beautiful html5 profile photos display
  • Display Pinterest Board
    • Display any of your pinterest boards
    • Amazing glossy look
  • Display Top Pin
    • Displays 1 of your pins bringing it a lot of attention, re-pins and comments
    • Displays Pinterest Username and Board where pin is posted
    • Beautiful Design
  • Show or hide Pinterest Follow Me Button
  • Show or hide Pinterest Pin It Button
  • Activate Pinterest Pin It Hover Button
    • Displays Pin-it button on mouseover User Profile Page Photos
  • Really easy to use, check the demo

Activity Stream Plugin

  • Option to Activate User Activity Stream Plugin
  • Streams in User Wall and Jomsocial Frontpage Wall
  • Activity is fully integrated with Jomsocial
  • Administrator can Manage Streams Components -> Jomsocial -> Monitor -> Activities
  • Stream contains User Avatar, Date and Time, Like, Comment, Share and an Awesome User Pinterest Profile, Board or Top Pin